We show you the ten best tourist places of Galapagos, paradise archipelago of Ecuador consisting of 13 volcanic islands and more than a 100 islets and rocky outcrops. Some animals and plants can only be found on this island, and many natural attractions as well, which should never be destroyed even worse by capturing them. That’s why the Galapagos Islands attract many tourists who want to experience kayaking and snorkeling. Carrying a water camera is a must! Below are the most visited tourist attractions of the Galapagos Islands that you cannot miss:

  1. Bartolomé Island

Bartolomé Island one of the tourist centers in the Galapagos Islands, which has an impressive natural landscape. Standing in this place is much easier for you to take pictures with the natural background of volcanic mountains and rivers. Here you can also swim with the Galapagos penguins, or you can head to the top of the pinnacle Rock volcano.

  1. North Seymour Island

This is where sea lions, sea birds (blue-footed-bobby) and swordfish. On North Seymour Island, you can dive between tropical fish and reef sharks at the bottom of the cliff.

  1. Santiago Island

You can also follow a series of trips to tidal pools and underwater caves on Santiago Island. This is a trip to see the sea lions, the sea, Sally Lightfoot crabs.

  1. Genovese Island

On Genoese Island you will have the opportunity to look at the gulls and the eyes of the Owls with red legs and short ears. But in the middle of all this, the most exciting thing you can do is head to the sea and perform different extreme sports such as snorkeling and kayaking along the caldera, or hunting along the zodiac Street.

  1. Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz is one of the most important places for the breeding of endangered native animals. For this reason, Charles Darwin also established a Research Center and “Solitaire Jorge,” with a large number of rare turtles.

  1. Isabela Island

In this place, you can spend all morning watching the dance of dolphins, whales or moonfish and sea turtles are the rarest events. But on Isabela Island, they can be easily found. You can also explore the caves and lagoons hidden by The Zodiac.

  1. Fernandina Island

The most extensive collection of marine iguanas, crabs by Sally Lightfoot and sea lions can be found in Punta Espinosa, with a dramatic backdrop of the volcano.

  1. Floreana Island

Here you can dive or see sea lions, along the waters of Floreana Island. You can also visit the Bay Post Office, which features the show where each letter is given directly by one person to another manually.

  1. Chinese Hat Islands

Attractions of the Chinese hat, in addition to volcanoes that are similar to a” Chinese hat ” is the way of the zodiac. On this road, there is at least an attractive natural setting like the volcano, penguins, sea lions, and reef sharks. You can do different water sports like kayaking and snorkeling.

  1. Rábida Island

The Earth in the mountains of volcanic sand is more likely to be bright red. Whereas the beach itself is more attractive. On Rabida island, you can do the last activity such as diving near the Galapagos sea lions.