• Galápagos National Park
    Official Ecuadorian Government site for the Galápagos National Park
  • Charles Darwin Foundation
    Top scientific and environmental organization in Galápagos
  • Galápagos Islands: Wikipedia
    Wikipedia entry on Galápagos Islands
  • Huffington Post Piece on Galápagos
    Story by Cecilia Alvear on whether we’re loving Galápagos to death
  • Living Galápagos
    Multimedia presentation about the challenges facing the Galápagos Islands produced by students from the University of North Carolina
  • What would Darwin think?
    Trailer of documentary about Galápagos by Jon Bowermaster
  • “Galápagos Now”
    Documentary by Tortured Monkey that has this to say: ” The ‘last paradise on earth’ is currently endangered by the very things that may actually save it: economic growth and a deluge of human beings.”
  • The 40 top nature photographs
    Galápagos tortoises make it to the National Geographic best ever nature photos
  • Interview with Carlos Zapata, FUNDAR
    Carlos Zapata from the Galapagos-based non-profit organization, FUNDAR, discusses building a sustainable society and the value of environmental citizenship.
  • My World: What Would Darwin Say?
    In this entry from Ecuador, Carolina B. Proaño Serrano from one of the world’s most ecologically important sites – the Galapagos Islands makes a plea to respect the endemic species that exist only in this fragile place
  • Galapagos Conservacy
    Galapagos Conservancy is an advocacy organization in the United States for conservation in the Galapagos Islands.
  • 39
    the first Galapagos giant tortoises step foot onto Pinta Island since Lonesome George left in 1972!
  • Reintroducing Galapagos tortoises to Pinta Island
    On May 17th 39 tortoises will set foot on Pinta Island on an effort carried out by the Galapagos National Park to restore the birthplace of Lonesome George
  • NYTimes: Bahia Bustamante: Argentina’s Secret (and Private) Answer to the Galapagos
    In Patagonia a privately owned area welcomes only 400 visitors a year, as opposed to the more than 100,000 that visit Galapagos. The owner says that the traffic “is destroying Galapagos and he won’t let it happen in his property”
  • Scientists in Galapagos Islands launch rat-bait drop to save unique species
    Scientists in the Galapagos Islands, which inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, have launched a major project to save native species under threat from thousands of invasive rats.
  • Zoning in populated areas of Galapagos
    Zoning System The ultimate purpose of zoning is to avoid or minimize the negative effect of human impact Galapagos ecosystems are subjected to and allow for a rational use of goods and services these ecosystems offer to society.
  • Park Service fights illegal hotel construction in Puerto Ayora
    Galapagos National Park suspends construction of a building that obtained permit to build a private residence but is in effect a 26-room hotel.