Are you interested in having a vacation of your dreams in one of the most exotic yet beautiful and completely natural places on earth? Yes, we are talking about a visit in the Galapagos Islands.

After all, the Galapagos tourism is constantly rising, with people scheduling their honeymoon trip there, as it is a beautiful and simply breathtaking place. There are many things to do in the Galapagos Islands as they have many tourist attractions, a very rich history with numerous interesting facts about it.

So, if you are interested in knowing more about how the Galapagos Islands got famous, where are all the cool facts about them coming from, and want to know some more cool facts, stay tuned – we’ll keep you posted on the most important Galapagos tourism news.

History and Facts About the Galapagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands or as the natives call them Las Islas Galapagos, are a part of the Republic of Ecuador. The interesting fact about them is that they are an archipelago of many volcanic islands, west of continental Ecuador. One of the best things about them are the facts confirming the presence of many endemic species here. These were studied by Darwin during his second trip of HMS Beagle.

All the endemic species that were found during Darwin’s Galapagos tourism led to the inception of his theory of evolution, regarding the natural selection.

One of the coolest facts about them is that the islands have a small population of approximately 25.000 citizens, and the official language is Spanish. Their whole territory forms the Galapagos Marine Reserve, the Galapagos National Park and the Galapagos Province of Ecuador.

Talking about historic facts, the first visit there and the first to the Islands was back in 1535, by Fray Tomas de Berlinga. He was a Bishop of panama who didn’t expect to find land there. A few centuries later, they were under Spanish ownership, and now are part of the Republic of Ecuador. Nevertheless, today the Galapagos tourism is striving, and the cool facts about the endemic flora and fauna there is just the tip of the iceberg – in order for anyone to really experience the Islands, they must visit them!


Tourist Attractions

Whenever you are thinking about Galapagos tourism, think about the amazing facts about these islands that will sweep you off your feet. Luckily, whenever you take part in some Galapagos tourism, you must visit a few of the most famous tourist attractions there. After all, the Galapagos tourisms strives because many of these things can only be experienced there and nowhere else in the world. So, here are the main Galapagos tourism attractions:

  1. Leon Dormido – In Spanish, it means a “Sleeping Lion” and it is a wonderful stone that looks just like a really giant lion sleeping at surface of the sea.
  2. El Chato Tortoise Reserve – This reserve holds some of the most giant tortoise species you can observe
  3. Charles Darwin Research Station – Well, if Darwin was here, of course you must visit his research station!
  4. Puerto Egas – One of the most important Galapagos tourism attractions, featuring a long, flat, black lava shoreline with a lot of eroded shapes form lava pools and caves!
  5. Tortuga Bay – A simply astounding beach!


Things to Do on the Island

There are hundreds of different activities that people can take part in during their Galapagos tourism stay. There are many proven facts that the islands are home of many endemic species of fauna, which is why there are many different tours that the visitors can go on, to observe the species there.

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The facts are, the Galapagos tourism can offer a lot of other entertainment, regardless of the fact that you can play at online casinos.

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